HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth.
For Cameras, Lenses, Smart Phones, Tablets, Gems and all other delicate items.
HeroFiber is the most efficient way to clean all optical surfaces such as your
cameras, lenses, auxiliary lenses, filters, LCD viewfinders, binoculars, telescopes,
eyeglasses, as well as tablets, phones, & any LCD electronic devices.

HeroFiber is a perfect anti-static cloth, that will make your diamonds, gems
and crystals sparkle.

HeroFiber acts like a magnet for dust, dirt, and oils, so it absorbs without being abrasive or leaving residue, and lasts cosiderably longer than ordinary cloths.
  Ultra Gentle, Extremely Fine Quality, for all delicate items
  Non-abrasive, leaves no scratches, marks or streaks,
  Reusable and long lasting
  Dimensions: aprox. 6" x 7" (152.4 x 177.8 millimeters),
    Each HeroFiber is neatly packaged in it's own bag
  HeroFiber┬« is Sold exclusively by Hot Deals Electronics
    and backed with a 1 year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Product Description:
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"Thanks to HeroFiber my shots were super  clear"
Product Options:
The New Premium HeroFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth is made of soft micro-fibers and is the perfect way to safely maintain and clean your fingerprints, smudges, and dirt off eyeglasses, laptops, tablets of all brands, smart phones, and  any other LCD or touch screen.

Also perfectly safe and effective on DSLR lenses, binoculars, telescopes, and other delicate optics And can also be used with or without cleaning solutions.

Each herofiber is individually and neatly packed in it's own polyurethane plastic bag for long term safekeeping.

Dimensions: aprox. 6" x 7" (152.4 x 177.8 millimeters)
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